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grow your business

12 Ways to Deliver a Kick-Ass Lunch & Learn

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Bring new ideas to your team to help them operate more effectively or grow your business

Infuse interesting ideas into your team with a new book and discussion questions that arrive every month .

Develop your team and watch them transform your business.

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We'll provide you with books about business to start the discussions that will change how your team operates.

What your team gets each month

An interesting new read

A new or classic business book that will impact your business, focused on: sales, marketing, new tech, management styles, etc.

A Team Guide to help everyone else understand the book

A short summary of the book that highlights key lessons, interesting analogies, and great examples from each chapter

Idea generating questions to spark discussion

Use our questions or come up with questions of your own to spark discussion about their learnings

Next Steps implementation guide

Showing your team what actions they can take to implement what they've just learned

Presentation Template

Use our template to design an incredible slide deck for your team

Access to all our previous content

By subscribing, you can access all of our past materials in the members only section

Are you a busy manager who wants to help your team grow and develop? Need help getting your team to that next step? Want to impress your managers by being the team that introduces the next big thing at your company?

TeamSpark provides the chance to introduce your team to new ideas each month. Will all of them stick? Probably not, but if you can capture and implement even one or two great ideas and change the way your team works to make them more efficient, improve their sales, or develop the next big idea you'll be an all-star leader who gets noticed by your higher-ups, while your team appreciates the opportunity to learn.
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